DJ Ahne Radek from Czech republic

Music composer since 1999

DJ from the Czech Republic producing music since 1999
Founder and artistic director of Bass System.

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DJ Ahne Radek


DJ Ahne Radek knows how to move your mind, body and soul by delivering tracks that stand out from the norm. Radek Ahne is a publicly known personality, but also a music composer and DJ AHNE cooperating with the largest music publishing company in the Czech Republic, Supraphon a.s.



Great dance music concerts.

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Discotheques and dance and music clubs.

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Do you want to learn to compose music? I'm happy to teach you the basics!

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Corporate parties and events.

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Latest tracks

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Delfín | Music by DJ Ahne Radek, Bass Systém

Tak se měj! | Music by DJ Ahne Radek, Bass Systém

Disasters | Music by DJ Ahne Radek, Bass Systém