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DJ Ahne Radek Released His New Music Album Titled Noma on June 12, 2024

On June 2, 2024, a photoshoot for the new booklet cover took place with supporters, also hinting at another upcoming album. There’s much to look forward to! The album Noma is now available for purchase from Supraphon at The new album features 12 tracks. The hit song Noma is available in Czech, English, and instrumental versions. The album also includes one slow piano track, while the rest of the songs are dance tracks, spanning genres like...

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  • 13. 06. 2024
Exclusive photos from 2/6/2024 from the photo shoot of the CD cover of the new album
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  • 05. 06. 2024

Photos from the CD cover shoot in Prague for new albums. Check out the exclusive photos from the 02/06/2024 CD cover shoot for our new music album. The atmosphere was amazing and the professional attitude of everyone involved was really worth it.Big thanks to: Photographer: Valerie Salatková Production: Jana Absolonová DJ: Radek AhnSpecial thanks also to selected supporters and photo models: Michaela Cermáková Pavlína Psotová Kristýna...

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  • 02. 09. 2023

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE "BASS SYSTEM" GROUP The group BASS SYSTEM was founded in 1998. It was founded by Radek Ahne, the artistic director of this musical ensemble. The group formed until the fall of 2001 and recorded two DEMO recordings in the BUTON studio. She has already performed various performances abroad in the Czech Republic, but she also performed in (Bratislava – LIVE club). The group consists of seven members, four singers, two dancers and a keyboard player. The music we bring...